Coaching in Organizations

Get what you need to go from good to great in your leadership.

Executive Coaching:

The difference between good and great leadership is the ability to effectively manage business in the face of change. Going from good to great is an inside job that requires an outside view. Ontological coaching – exploring who you are being – is a powerful tool that provides that outside view. Coming from being allows you to more effectively meet and navigate change – with more velocity. In other words, everyone reacts to change and adversity. Through coaching you create the ability to come back from your reaction sooner and more powerfully.


Leadership Development Programs:

Coaching sets leaders up to win at all the games they play. There is no one “right” way to lead; however, there is a way to find your authentic leadership and develop it. JoyWork coaching is based on “The Well Resourced Leader” and is part skill building, part facilitation and part creating awareness. Doing business in today’s world requires leaders ready for the fast-paced, multi-faceted complexity of the marketplace. JoyWork Coaching gets you ready.


Team Coaching:

“Time is money” is not just an expression. Group meetings are some of the most expensive activities your business does. Not sure about that? Add up the salaries around the table! Your JoyWork coach lets you get your money’s worth by supporting the establishment of goals and purpose of the meeting and creating an environment of cooperation, coordination and alignment. Imagine a meeting where all voices are heard, innovative solutions are produced in a timely fashion and, best of all, participants walk away excited about the possibilities, clear about what’s next and in action to generate results.