Coaching in Health Care

Have you created a compelling future vision for your practice – a vision so fulfilling and juicy that you can’t wait to get started? Coaching can shift your relationship to your practice – and consequently your staff and patients’ experience with your clinic.

  • What would it be like if you met your workday with confidence, ease and joy?
  • What if your staff were clear about your vision and their role in the organization achieving the vision?
  • What if your patients admired you as a role model for how to live their life?

Your JoyWork coach can support you in increasing your income and career satisfaction, having your day flow more easily and experiencing the expansion of time. Day-to-day concerns are addressed, such as

  • Getting along with one another
  • Loss of autonomy
  • Worries about making medical mistakes
  • Dealing with difficult patients and insurance companies
  • Physical fatigue and pain
  • Professional and personal life balance

Then, by working on management style and leadership skills, your JoyWork coach collaborates with you to think beyond the walls of your office to inspire and sustain cultural change.