Felix Felicis

Luck is never a coincidence.  It is actually the meeting point betwen preparation and opportunity. – Tony Robbins.

I’ve spent a big year preparing.  And these past few weeks I’ve had some “lucky” breaks.  The title of this post refers to Liquid Luck, a potion in book 6 of the Harry Potter series.   Harry drinks Felix Felicis because he needs to accomplish what seems like an impossible task, so he needs all the luck he can get.  The part I love is that before drinking the potion, he, Hermione and Ron put together an intricate plan to achieve the goal Harry was after.  Once Harry threw the potion down the hatch however, his intuition… or Felix, took him on a completely different path then he planned… and as luck would have it, the results he achieved were greater then he planned on.  I too, have taken this month to let go of any place I’m making life more complicated.  Planning has it’s place, but you also have to LIVE it!  I declare this month the month to listen to your intuition… yes plan, yes prepare, but then jump out into the world, listen to your heart and let luck find you.  Cheers!

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