Truth Telling

I’m always surprised and delighted when themes show up with my clients through the week.  I work with diversity of clients… it’s one of the things that challenges me about defining my niche… but that’s a post for another day.  My point is, it’s not like they all get together and decide what to throw my way in a given week!

This week the issue of truth telling has come up with almost all my clients.  None of my clients are liars.  However, they do play the game that humans play… and sometimes they aren’t completely honest with themselves about themselves.  Why keep the truth from seeing the light of day?  The answer almost always comes down to that overpowering  four letter F-word… FEAR.

It might look like not asking for what you need in a relationship because you don’t want to rock the boat.  Or not charging enough for your products and services (yes, this includes not raising your rates) for fear of customers no longer buying from you.  It might look like stuffing your dissatisfaction and frustration with a staff member because you don’t want to deal with the morale dip that sometimes accompanies the feedback.

All of these examples and more, came up in my conversations this week…. and what the client (and I) realized in every case is that not telling the truth is not sustainable.  It might feel easier in the moment but in the end it creates problems… usually much bigger problems then telling the truth would have created to begin with.  Not to mention the energy drain it is to walk around in-authentically, which is a recipe for exhaustion.

I invite you to look at your life and discover where you are not being honest… and speak up.  When you say your truth, it gives others permission to say theirs.  And what’s available are deeper relationships… or a business that sustains you…  or a staff member that has the information s/he needs to be successful… all of which is valuable.  Getting your authenticity back and freeing up energy to have some fun… priceless!

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